Best remote desktop software of 2019

Welcome to our list of the best remote desktop software in 2019. Remote desktop software allows you to access one PC from another, even if the PCs are not in the same building – or even country!

There are a number of business uses for remote desktop software. For example, you could use a PC in one office to access a PC in another one, to grab important files.

You could also use a powerful remote PC to handle complex tasks while showing the results on a lower-powered laptop. The best remote desktop software is also useful for IT admins, who can remotely take control of a PC to help identify and fix any problems.

The best remote desktop software is installed on the remote computer (the host) as well as on any other computer you want to use to access the host computer (known as the client).

While certain versions of Windows have their own built-in Remote Desktop software, there are a number of alternatives that do a better job and offer more features.