Progressive web Apps and the future of mobile Apps

The way we access the web on our mobile devices as always been important to businesses and developers since this to some extent determined how much profit or losses the latter made.

Micro suns with their Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME also known as J2ME was among the first of such technologies that changed the way we accessed the web on our mobile devices. J2ME introduced mobile Apps to our mobile devices. The platform was very popular since it employed the Java language which was both open source and known by a number of users, however in-spite its popularity, due to number of factors J2ME did not quite revolutionize the way we accessed the web.

The iPhone App Store opened on July 10, 2008 marked the start of the revolution of the way we use the web on mobile devices, this was followed by the launch of the iPhone 3G in 2011. The iphone 3G was a game changer since it had support for the app store and was very superior to the Nokia N and E series that used native browsers and J2ME apps.

Finally, Must-Have Free Apps From A–Z!

With over 700,000 Android apps in the Google Play Store, finding useful, must-have apps can be a difficult process. It becomes more difficult when most of them are available for free. The following is a list that showcases 26 Must-Have Free Apps From A–Z! , that you may or may not be familiar with, which includes applications for social, news, productivity, games, messaging, photography, file sharing, and finance.

If your favorite android app isn’t listed here, do tell us in the comments below!


any do

We’re all occupied with making schedules and sticking them in our bags, on the front door, in our pockets and tapping them into note applications on our telephones. is the most ideal approach to stay top of every one of those last details, because of its cloud syncing and sharing aptitudes.

2. Battery Dr saver+ a task killer

Battery Dr saver

Battery Dr android application can help Android users to save power on their phone battery and boost the battery life. If you want to get fast performance and more storage for your Android Device, this is one of the best Free Battery saving apps. This app can show details like Temperature, power management, low Battery notification. In addition, the killer utility kills unwanted tasks.

Seven Top Mobile Apps This Week, Pro Tips & More

You may have missed some of this week’s best new mobile apps. We have made a list of top 5 mobile apps that you must check out. 

EasilyDo Mail

A brand new app of EasilyDo Mail this week that aims to put an assistant right in user’s inbox. The app offers updates on travel delays and shipping notifications as well as features power users will love. This means it would block read scripts and undo sent messages,Mashable.

Pro-tip: Users can now unsubscribe from newsletters and other updates with the help of one-touch email subscription management.

Pad Polly

A community-based podcasting app called Podpolly allows you to create your own podcasts regardless of the size. Users can edit their podcasts and add sound effects as well as a picture to represent it. It also lets you comment and like podcasts that others have shared.

eBay refreshing mobile apps with updated design + speed improvements

eBay has begun rolling out major UI and overall app improvements to its mobile applications today. Most notable will be both iOS and Android apps seeing a redesign of the main navigation menu. Previous versions of both mobile apps utilized a custom navigation menu: a mix between a top navigation bar and hamburger menu. The app update rolling out from today utilizes standard UI navigation elements for both iOS and Android. Android will be seeing the update released today, and the iOS update will be available in the coming days.

Taking cues from customer feedback and reviews, eBay has put the focus on today’s updates primarily on three key areas within the app: navigation, utility, and design plus speed. Dave Comer, Senior Director and Head of Product Mobile Management at eBay, tells me that the mobile team is putting a bigger focus on releasing more regular updates to the applications. Comer stated, “As we look towards future updates, we will continue to integrate the newest technology, respond to and incorporate user feedback, and evolve the experience to create the best browse, shopping and selling experience possible.”

7 ways small businesses can benefit from mobile apps

As many small businesses now know, to stay competitive these days, you need to be mobile. But being mobile is not just about having a mobile-friendly website. (Though if you are a retail or service business, having a mobile website is a must.) It means connecting with on-the-go customers and employees – and helping mobile customers and employees to connect with you (and each other). And these seven mobile applications can help small and midsized businesses do just that.

1. Mobile geo-targeting (marketing & sales). With the rise of beacons and geo-targeting, “it’s become increasingly easy to target key users with location-specific, time-sensitive messages via mobile apps,” says Johan den Haan, CTO, Mendix. “For example, by integrating geo-location technology into a mobile application, businesses can send special offers to customers who are in close proximity to stores.”

“By using this approach, small businesses can decrease spend, narrow their focus and deliver targeted ads to consumers at the right time and place,” adds Roger Hurni, chief creative officer & managing partner, Off Madison Ave.

Furthermore, “combining geo-fencing with SMS texts allows you to connect immediately with customers who are near your business,” says Ashley Orndorff, market research analyst & copywriter, Visual Impact Group. “Set it up for your loyal customers and send them a text about a sale built just for them, a special event or a flash sale when they are oh-so-conveniently close to your store. You'll make them feel special, and by leveraging both exclusivity and scarcity, they'll be more likely to stop in for a purchase or two.”

Satya Nadella: Software bots will be as big as mobile apps

Companies that want to give clients the best possible customer experience should build a bot, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Bots are software agents that can have conversations with customers or other bots and automate tasks such as hotel booking or order delivery. In the future, these bots will greatly simplify our dealings with businesses, he said. 

"Think of bots that you will build as the new websites or new mobile apps. Your customers will interact with your business through these bots," said Nadella, speaking today at the Microsoft Envision conference in New Orleans.

"This is a world that we are at the very beginning stages of. But we think it's going to be much more ubiquitous in terms of its deployment."

The ways these bots could ease interactions between customers and businesses was demonstrated by Lilian Rincon, group program manager for the communications platform Skype