eBay refreshing mobile apps with updated design + speed improvements

eBay has begun rolling out major UI and overall app improvements to its mobile applications today. Most notable will be both iOS and Android apps seeing a redesign of the main navigation menu. Previous versions of both mobile apps utilized a custom navigation menu: a mix between a top navigation bar and hamburger menu. The app update rolling out from today utilizes standard UI navigation elements for both iOS and Android. Android will be seeing the update released today, and the iOS update will be available in the coming days.

Taking cues from customer feedback and reviews, eBay has put the focus on today’s updates primarily on three key areas within the app: navigation, utility, and design plus speed. Dave Comer, Senior Director and Head of Product Mobile Management at eBay, tells me that the mobile team is putting a bigger focus on releasing more regular updates to the applications. Comer stated, “As we look towards future updates, we will continue to integrate the newest technology, respond to and incorporate user feedback, and evolve the experience to create the best browse, shopping and selling experience possible.”