1st Minute Mobile App

What is it?

The 1st Minute mobile app allows EMS providers to more easily communicate with patients when a language barrier exists. The app allows providers to communicate with the patient by using translation technology in order to reduce guessing by first responders, which simplifies the process of getting basic details form a foreign language speaker. The app is available for both Android and iOS systems.

How do I use it?

When a language barrier is present between provider and patient, the provider can use the 1st Minute mobile app to help communicate. After downloading the app, providers can give the device to the patient to select a language. Once the language is selected, the patient answers questions in that language including what symptoms they are experiencing, selecting pain location and entering essential medical information. Once that information has been provided, the app translates it back into the language of the provider.

What are the benefits?

The app allows for quick and easy assessment even when a language barrier is present. Because the app has a pre-populated language database, no internet connection is required for use. The goal of the app is to facilitate the entire conversation in less than 60 seconds, so patient care isn’t compromised by clunky conversation. The combination of mobile technology and patient care is forward thinking for the future of EMS.