Google Support App With Screen-Sharing Feature Reportedly Under Development For Nexus Smartphones


A new report is claiming that Google is working on a live support app that will have screen-sharing capabilities for its next-generation Nexus devices.

The upcoming app will be called Google Support and it will allow users to share what's being shown on their Nexus smartphone screen to a Google support agent, according to Android Police.


The support agent will be able to see what exactly is on the user's screen making it easier for the agent to identify an issue and provide step-by-step instructions to resolve it.

Meme Generator Suite app upgraded for Windows 10 Mobile

The popular Meme Generator Suite app has been updated today to version 3.0, and according to the release notes the app has just received the UWP app treatment (viaWindows Central). The app now sports a cool new icon and the Windows 10 Mobile version has been redesigned with a cleaner layout and now supports Continuum.

While we’re not sure the purpose of this app really deserves an explanation, it’s a pretty fun app that allow users to create cool memes and share them with their friends. The app features an impressive online database of 100,000 templates including the most popular memes, but you can of course use create memes from your own pictures.

The redesigned Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile is now live

Earlier this week, Instagram announced an all-new redesign of its apps. The updates came immediately for iOS and Android, but the Facebook-owned social network was promised to be updated for Windows 10 Mobile later that week.

Pushing it to the last minute, the firm kept its word. The update is available for Windows 10 users right now.

Here are the official version notes:

We have a new look! Our updated icon stays true to the camera and rainbow. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.

If you're wondering about that new updated icon, they clearly had the Android and iOS apps in mind when they said it stays true to the rainbow. Over on the Windows side, we got a transparent tile with a white outline of a logo.

ISIS Has Launched A Mobile App—For Children

But don’t worry: it only teaches them the Arabic alphabet.

The Islamic State is well known for its technology savvy, and now it’s bringing it to a new group: children.

The Islamic State, or ISIS or ISIL, has developed a mobile application called Huroof that’s designed specifically to teach children the Arabic alphabet, according to the Long War Journal, a blog that reports on the “Global War on Terror.” The app was reportedly released by ISIS’s “Office of Zeal,” and will work on Android devices, though it isn’t available for download through the Google GOOGL -0.74% Play marketplace.

The Long War Journal posted several images of the app, which is brightly colored and includes the look and feel one would expect from any child’s app. However, the report claims that the app is “littered with jihadist terminology,” teaches children words like “tank,” “gun,” and “rocket,” and even depicts images of weaponry around the app.

Email is far from dead, and mobile apps are the new rising stars

A new study from Kitewheel, released today, shows that when it comes to the customer journey, email is still performing extraordinarily well, but mobile apps are the fastest-growing channel of all.

The study, which took in data from over one billion real-time, cross-sector brand and customer interactions, captured via Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub, reveals that brands are investing more heavily in omnichannel campaigns than ever before.

While not surprising, given everything we know about email marketing from our research and those of our peers, the study confirms that email is still a channel to be reckoned with. In fact, the it shows that email has captured 23 percent of total journey interactions, up 270 percent year-over-year.

Combine the increase in email marketing with the return on investment (ROI) we’ve shown in VB Insight studies, and it is clear the old dog still has some new tricks up its sleeve, even in a world dominated by smartphones.

The report also shows that while the bulk of interaction volume occurs on social media (48 percent), social media marketing’s overall share of interactions declined 23 percent year over year. It appears there is a lot of noise on social, with our research showing that 70 percent of major brands still use social channels in ‘broadcast mode.’

GoPro's New Mobile Apps Are Designed To Make Editing Easy

Quik is hailed by GoPro as the fastest and easiest way to create awesome videos from your GoPro or smartphone footage, offering “automated simplicity”, while Splice focuses on desktop editing software power for mobile devices.
Quik automatically analyses your footage to find the best moments, adds transitions and effects, and syncs it all to the beat of the music (from the app or your own library).

You can choose from 28 unique video styles, each with unique filters, transitions, graphics and fonts. Custom text overlays, title slides and emojis are also on offer.

Quik also has ready-­‐to-­‐watch videos made from related moments on your mobile device automatically created once a week, which you can share on social media straight from the app.

 Splice is designed for those who like to be a little more hands on. You can pick your transition style, trim clips, add filters, show off an epic shot in slo-­mo, and much more. You can add photos to your video and add documentary-­style effects.

This New App Will Help You Live Like 'The Rock'

Called the ‘Rock Clock’

Do you aspire to live like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Well, there’s now an app for that.

The actor has unveiled a new mobile app he is calling “Rock Clock,” which is essential a lifestyle app that says it wants to help motivate users to reach their personal goals.

The Fast & Furious and Hercules actor had this to say about his mobile aspirations: “When millions of you shared your goals with me, it inspired an idea to create something to encourage you all to chase greatness. Pulling the best resources, we were able to make it happen.”