Google Support App With Screen-Sharing Feature Reportedly Under Development For Nexus Smartphones


A new report is claiming that Google is working on a live support app that will have screen-sharing capabilities for its next-generation Nexus devices.

The upcoming app will be called Google Support and it will allow users to share what's being shown on their Nexus smartphone screen to a Google support agent, according to Android Police.


The support agent will be able to see what exactly is on the user's screen making it easier for the agent to identify an issue and provide step-by-step instructions to resolve it.

Google Play Music now powers locally themed music stations within TripAdvisor’s Android app

Here’s something of a surprising Wednesday morning announcement: You can now listen to Google’s music-streaming service directly within the TripAdvisor Android app

Starting today, any Google Play Music user can launch the TripAdvisor Android app and access music stations based on specific locations, for example “Rio de Janeiro” or “Paris.” It’s seemingly designed to help travelers get in the mood by listening to soundtracks relevant to their destination or current location.

For example, if you’re doing some research into a Cuba holiday, you’ll be able to play Cuban-themed songs right then and there. Or if you’ve already landed in Argentina, you may be able to tap some tunes to tango around your hotel room while researching things to do nearby. 

If you’re not a Google Play Music subscriber, you’ll be able to nab a 2-month free trial directly through the TripAdvisor app, which isn’t bad considering you can normally only get a 30-day free trial to the music service. Whether TripAdvisor users are the types to sign up to a new music-streaming service on a whim remains to be seen, but this latest tie-up gives an interesting glimpse into Google’s plans to battle Spotify and Apple Music through third-party partnerships. Google reckons it can gain mindshare by shoehorning its service into other popular services, and you never know, it might just work.

Android N release date news: Alpha preview already being tested; final version said to launch in September

Android 6.0 aka Android Marshmallow has been a massive success for Google, particularly with its introduction of multiple features. But according to a report from Tech Radar, the company is already at work on Android 7.0 aka Android N, which is now speculated to launch in September. 

As a matter of fact, Google did not wait for their big Google I/O event to launch the alpha build as the developer preview has already been available for some time now. Only select phones can download the unfinished build of Android N such as the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and a few other select devices. 

The report states that the new Android version will be out most likely by late September, although this can be pushed to October if the developers need more time to refine a few features and clean out some of the bugs. The new Android is particularly going to take time given that it is aiming to come with several key features.

Google Steps Up Pressure on Partners Tardy in Updating Android

Getting phone makers and carriers to update to the latest version of Android has been one of the thorniest challenges facing Google as it tries to widen the use of its mobile software and generate more sales from its apps and web services.

Now, Google is getting serious about remedying what ails Android, and it’s using both carrots and sticks to get partners to keep the world’s most popular mobile operating system more up to date.

The issue -- a mishmash of different smartphones running outdated software lacking the latest security and features -- has plagued Android since its debut in 2007. But Google has stepped up its efforts recently, accelerating security updates, rolling out technology workarounds and reducing phone testing requirements. 

The Alphabet Inc. unit is also getting tougher, drawing up rankings that could shame some phone makers into better behavior, according to people familiar with the situation.

Keeping Android fresh and unified is crucial because that’s how Google delivers its money-making search engine and new offerings, like the Daydream virtual reality system, in an increasingly mobile world. This only works when phone makers and wireless carriers quickly update devices to newer versions of the operating system. 

Google launches certification program to recognize app development agencies

As we reported on the eve of I/O, Google has launched a certification program to recognize development agencies that have demonstrated great competence in building apps and services. Any developer can sign up for the Agency Program and get access to dedicated training and the latest products and APIs, but the certification provides an extra step of recognition.

The Google Developers Agency Program was announced last year to help software development agencies that work with Google products. It is not limited to just firms that work on Android apps. These agencies are important to the global app ecosystem, designing and publishing dozens of the top apps every year. Many are located around the world and employ many talented developers