How much are your mobile apps costing you?

There’s no denying the many advantages of phone applications. From online shopping and banking to whiling the time away with games, streaming, music, and e-books, phone applications are here to stay. If you leave someone with his or her phone, there’s no doubt he and she can spend a whole day using and playing with various apps.

Below is an estimate of how much monthly subscriptions and in-app purchases cost. Individually, their costs are negligible, but add them up, then you might be spending more than you realize. Here is a breakdown of how much commonly availed subscriptions and apps cost:

Streaming music Php 130 (monthly)

Renting a movie: Php 180 (per movie) (It’s Php 650 if you buy it)

Channel subscription: Php 200 (monthly)

Games: Php 45 – Php 400 (depending on the game)

International call services = Php 650 (monthly)

Monthly total: Php 1,260 (Php 130 + Php 180 + Php 200 + Php 100 + Php 650)

(Yearly total: Php 15,120)

Php 1,260 a month doesn’t seem so much, but that doesn’t take into account other subscriptions you have. Instead of renting a movie, you are buying. Instead of sticking to playing one game a month, you are playing two, three, or more games. With Php 1,260, that could pay for your phone, electricity, or water bills, and if you have those covered, you could put the Php 1,260 or at least half into a savings account, and you could save Php 7,560 a year or Php 15,120 if you save the entire Php 1,260 a month.

Does this mean you have to cancel all your subscriptions and stop your in-app purchases?