Android N release date news: Alpha preview already being tested; final version said to launch in September

Android 6.0 aka Android Marshmallow has been a massive success for Google, particularly with its introduction of multiple features. But according to a report from Tech Radar, the company is already at work on Android 7.0 aka Android N, which is now speculated to launch in September. 

As a matter of fact, Google did not wait for their big Google I/O event to launch the alpha build as the developer preview has already been available for some time now. Only select phones can download the unfinished build of Android N such as the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and a few other select devices. 

The report states that the new Android version will be out most likely by late September, although this can be pushed to October if the developers need more time to refine a few features and clean out some of the bugs. The new Android is particularly going to take time given that it is aiming to come with several key features.