Snapchat Rolls Out Ad-Friendlier Design

Snapchat recently began rolling out its redesigned Discover page. It now displays images and headline previews of the content inside Discover channels and Live stories on the Stories page. It previously displayed only logos for publishers or events on those sites.

Publishers now can include an image and a headline to promote each day's story. Their stories will run beside user-contributed Live Stories on both the Discover and Stories pages.

The Discover page has a grid of tiles, similar to Pinterest. The Stories page combines the rows of static Discover channels into one scrollable row.

Snapchat users now can tap and hold to subscribe to their favorite Discover channels, instead of having to pull them up out of the entire Discover list as before. Subscribing will place unread stories below updates from users' friends on the Stories page.

The redesign "could help with the number of hits a publisher gets, since it will put the content in the same context as Live Stories," noted Mike Jude, a program manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan.