Should You Tap Your Market with A Mobile App?

For companies that have grown dramatically and can afford a six-figure price tag, offering a mobile app could be a critical piece allowing them to accelerate past the competition. We learned more about these from Oven Bits, who developed apps for Vogue and for Lush Cosmetics. Are you ready to mobilize?

Dallas-based Oven Bits recently enabled Lush Cosmetics to enter the market with a mobile app. The app hits the notes one would expect from such an offering: availability on Android and iOS platforms, shopping basket and wishlist choices for products, and payment options like PayPal and Apple Pay to make a purchase.

Chris Capehart, CMO of Oven Bits, told EcommerceBytes a few key tips about venturing into the realm of mobile apps. For businesses growing quickly and steadily to the point where creating such an app is viable, those sellers should determine what kind of value they can provide with a mobile app.

"Give your users an experience they can't get on the web," he said. Part of that experience requires encouraging users to download and open those apps, and Capehart said there are several strategies for doing so.