New filters coming to the YouTube mobile app?

According to some code discovered by XDA on the most recent version of the YouTube mobile app(version 11.20.54), some of the filters used to search on the desktop version of YouTube will be coming to the mobile version of the video streamer. The strings discovered by XDA point to the ability of the mobile YouTube app user to be able to search for videos by rating, relevance and view count.

These filters have yet to show up in the mobile app. Considering that over half of all YouTube views come from a mobile device, it behooves Google to build up the mobile app as much as it can. Improving the capabilities of the mobile search tool would be a great step toward that goal.
XDA says that "it is anyone's guess" as to when, or even if, these new filters are added to the app. XDA's detective work would seem to indicate that the filters will be coming soon, so if you've been hoping for improvements to search on the YouTube mobile app, you're wish could soon be granted.

YouTube currently testing their own messaging feature inside mobile app

The YouTube logo appears on screen at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on January 12, 2012. (Photo : Getty Images/ Ethan Miller)

YouTube is now testing their own messaging feature in the mobile app so that sharing funny cat videos to friends can be made easier than before.

Almost everyone has that one conversation about a hilarious YouTube video or about the latest trailer for an upcoming movie which can be seen on the video hosting site. On a computer, it's easy to share links with just a few clicks.

On smartphones, however, the user would have to leave his or her browser and YouTube app just to copy and paste the link to their messenger of choice. Now, YouTube is bridging that gap with their own messaging feature inside the app.

The feature is called native sharing and it is already being tested by a select few users, WIRED has learned. Users will be able to instantly share the YouTube video that they are watching and their friends can also join in on the conversation; all without leaving the YouTube app.